The 15,000 hectare Dombe Ranch, located in Central Mozambique, is rapidly expanding with investment currently focussing on infrastructure, particularly the construction of paddocks, roads and fencing in addition to water boreholes for irrigation during particularly dry periods.

In order to supplement the current breeding herd, native cattle, such as Brahman, are being bought in from local communities, using a similar model to that established by Agriterra's maize out-grower business. These additional cattle are being bought in to rapidly build the total herd across the two ranches, where the Group holds long leased land which has planned capacity of ~6,000 head. In addition to this buying programme increasing the total herd size, the cross-breeding of Beefmaster and native breeds creates a bloodline with good meat yields and high disease resistance.

Dombe Ranch Dombe pens



Beef consumption in Mozambique has been steadily rising and is forecast to continue to grow in the future as living standards across the country improve.




Dombe Ranch