The 2,350 hectare Mavonde Stud Ranch in Central Mozambique is stocked with high quality Beefmaster cattle, which are prized for their top weight gaining ability and quality of meat, in addition to their adaptability to hot climates.

This breeding herd has achieved consistent pregnancy rates of over 80%, and the herd is further supplemented with additional Beefmasters purchased in South Africa.

The Group has also been focussed on the construction of a dam at Mavonde, which was completed in May 2012. The dam holds 48 billion litres of water, making it the second largest dam in the Manica Province of Mozambique. The dam has the capacity to irrigate in excess of 4,000 hectares, and in line with this, Mozbife is currently in negotiations to acquire additional land. Following the implementation of Mozbife's two stage irrigation programme, Mavonde will have ~370 hectares ofirrigated pasture with total carrying capacity of ~5,600 animals, comprising the breeding herd and their calves of up to 12 months old.


Beef consumption in Mozambique has been steadily rising and is forecast to continue to grow in the future as living standards across the country improve.

Mavonde Ranch

Mavonde Dam